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ISI Sails

Sails – racing or cruising sails, made of any kind of material (woven cloth or laminate) for every kind of boat from Optimist to the biggest sail ships

Biminis and sprayhoods – for every kind of sail or motor boat, made of the most appropriate material, equipped with high quality fasteners as well as transparent parts for better visibility while steering.

Covers - for the whole boat or only part of it, winter or summer covers, light and inside covers. Everything is made of the most appropriate materials and fitted with high quality accessories for fast and easy placing and removing, with ventilation if necessary, and most important – guarantee and post guarantee service.

Repairs and replacing every kind of elements in the sails, biminis, sprayhood, covers, etc.

Supply with all kinds of equipment. Owing to our long standing contacts with most of the European suppliers we can offer you very competitive prices.

  • 20% discount for spinnakers of up to 60m2(48g/m2-blue) until the cloth is out of stock.

We are starting a new product - photovoltaic panels mounted over bimini.