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Yal 6

Yal 6 is the most popular boat in Bulgaria which gives the access to sailing to everyone regardless of age and sex. It is used by teams in all parts of the country – from Shabla to Vidin, through Sofia and Kardjali to Tzarevo. Professional sailors look down on this boat, but when they sit in it, they realize that there is more to learn about sailing. Boats produced in Tzarevo and Tutrakan are in used, the difference between them being negligible. Since 2009 the use of Dacron sails has been allowed. The willingness of the federation to establish Yal-6 as One-design deserves admiration, as this will give all participants in races the opportunity to compete on equal terms.

ISI offers sails for this boat in accordance with the rules for the class, both for gaff and cut adjustment. The competitors can choose among 4 kinds of camber of the main sail and between 2 kinds of the head sail.

Main sail

Standard features:

  • Cloth- Ocean555 Bainbridge
  • Multilayer patch reinforcements
  • Grummets Stimpson №1 on the foot and gaff
  • Grummets Rutgerson №12 on the corners
  • Bolt rope 8mm
  • Leechline with cleat
  • 3 vinylester battens
  • Telltails
  • Sailbag


  • Full top batten
  • 4 battens
  • Insignia numbers
  • Insignia advert and logo
  • Cover for the sail, boom and gaff


Standard features:

  • Cloth- Ocean 555 Bainbridge
  • Multilayer patch reinforcements
  • Grummets Stimpson №1 on the luff
  • Grummets Rutgerson №12 on the clew
  • Luff wire 7x19-3mm
  • Telltails


  • Thicker luff wire
  • 20% discount for spinnakers of up to 60m2(48g/m2-blue) until the cloth is out of stock.

We are starting a new product - photovoltaic panels mounted over bimini.