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Bimini is an important outfit of the yacht no matter sail or motor. It is tube-construction that strain the cloth and protect from sun and rain. Can be folded and covered when it is not in use.



Everywhere in the world when a new bimini is ordered, qualified specialist goes to the boat to take measurements.

The use of the old bimini as a pattern for the new one causes many problems because it is stretched and when you remove it from the tubes, it loses the shape. Every self-respected canvas maker insists on taking measurements from the tubes to be able to make well strained bimini.

We have invented a system for measuring the biminis, that gives everyone a possibility to measure the tubes and to send the information to us via E-mail.

This unique system involves a pattern that you could download and print along with a short instruction guide.

This will decrease considerably the price of our biminis, because we will not have to come to the boat.  The production time will also be shortened and for standard colors like mid blue, navy blue and beige the bimini will be ready and picked up by a courier at the end of the next working day after receiving the order

  • 20% discount for spinnakers of up to 60m2(48g/m2-blue) until the cloth is out of stock.

We are starting a new product - photovoltaic panels mounted over bimini.